Village Of Hope (US)

Village of Hope Masterplan

Mature Ressources Foundation



Project phases:
Concept design, construction documents, fabrication preparation




Talweg Engineering Studio D.P.C. (NYC)

Y.I.P Engineers (UK)


The Village of Hope envisions a communi ty where all members, particularly people experiencing dementia, thrive by connecting to the beauty and creativity within them – selves, within other people, and from being in nature. To achieve this vision at the Village of Hope, we tap cutting-edging technologies, world class design and a deep respect for local community and creative engagement. Excellence in urban planning evolves from a careful understanding of the past, a clear assessment of the present and the ability to optimize for the future. The Village of Hope will serve not only its residents but also the greater community, now and long into the future. The former ele – mentary school will be mindfully transformed into a Village Hall to provide much-needed community resources such as a health clinic, grocery store, café/restaurant and communi – ty arts and theater spaces that will be open to the community. Arts-based intergenera – tional activities will engage both residents and greater community members of all ages. The Village of Hope will also be a hub for social citizenship. Village residents can make use of their experience and skills while local boy scouts, other retirees, employees and faith- based organization can help to sustain, extend education, entertain and support The Village of Hope. At the Village of Hope, all residents will ben – efit from the opportunity of: Having a home of their own, belonging to a community that includes people of all ages, feeling secure without loss of opportunity to grow. growing, changing and engaging in creative expres – sion and civics, living in a community where one can age in place, giving to others and receiving from others, while reconnecting to nature and the living world. These simple truths guide every aspect of The Village of Hope from architecture and design, to relationships and the rhythm of daily life. It is a bold vision, but is the only way for balanced communities to move forward in changing modern times.