Rudersdal Grøn Parkering, Rudersdal (DK)

Rudersdal Grøn Parkering

Rudersdal Municipality

Holte Stationsvej 6, Holte, Denmark


Project phase:
Feasibility study

Concept phase

Tegnestuen David Goehring
Rooffurb Development
DTU Product Service Systems Division

The municipal parking lot directly adjacent to the Rudersdahl City Hall designed by Arne Jakobsen in 1942 is used as the primary daily parking for the downtown shopping district. The popular Søllerød community farmer’s market also occupies the site on Sundays- 6 months of the year.

In recent times, the property has been subjected to intensive flood events, which occur more frequently, resulting in substantial negative impact with submerged vehicles and increased environmental hazards. Accordingly, the area has been identified within the Klimatilpasnings Plan for Rudersdal Kommune. The urban design assignment was to investigate innovative solutions that would fully mitigate sudden storm water events in a manner that would optimise the attributes of the historically significant and picturesque setting.

The subject property is bounded to the south by Geelskov, is the third most visited forest in Denmark and is heavily used for recreational purposes throughout the year. One of the forests’ main pathways connects with the corner of the property and has been projected as the western edge of the new proposed concept.

The urban design proposal features a living roof canopy made to absorb and re-use the rain water. The canopy’s hexagonal grid layout, corresponds to the car parking column grid layout below, is shaped parametrically with a sloping arch to lower one edge of the raised deck down to the intersection of Holte Stationsvej and Kongevej, allowing pedestrian access from the city’s main intersection.

The glulam timber primary structure is made for ease of assembly and dis-assembly. The entire assembly can be removed without heavy equipment. This a key future proofing feature, should the real estate values demand higher densities in the area, 100% of the system can be relocated to other locations. Financially, the concept can be realised in either a conventional ownership model or with a circular economy lease buy-back service model.

Serving a both a visual screen for car storage, the below canopy area serves as a place for food to fork urban farming coupled with a new more permanent year round market. Planned amenities include integrated cycle path, children’s play areas and water permeable pavers below to assure a zero run off profile. All plantings will be planned to promote plant diversity of GeelSkov, reviving threaten plant species eliminating invasive ones.