Nørgaard Residence, Risskov (DK)

200 m2 private villa

Risskov, Århus, Danmark

Mads Nørgård and Mette Veirup

2015 - 2016

Project phases:
Concept design – planning permission


LTM Byggefirma

Villa Nørgaard is designed as a single story home for a young family on a quiet residential street in Risskov, Denmark. Located on the beach side, the area was originally planned as a low density area for cottages where citizens of the nearby city of Aarhus would spend their free time. In recent decades the area rapidly transformed into a more regular suburb with a majority of permanent residences, but has preserved its characteristic natural, green and calm atmosphere. Consequently the design of the house reflects the intension of creating a strong coupling between the green garden and the interior of the house along the east/west axis of the house, while creating a visual separation from the neighbors on the north/ south axis. This is materialised as compact volume that is sliced along the two axis’ to create four separate volumes containing the more intimate functions, while still being closely connected via the open common areas. The idea was to create an inversion of the traditional courtyard house and establish an extrovert home that weaves with the garden without compromising the intimacy of the interior living spaces. This experience is emphasised by the sculptural design of the continuous walls that are angled both in the plan and elevations in order to absorb the natural daylight and the atmosphere of the garden.