Lysgaard Residence, Extension, Frederiksberg (DK)

Basement and garden extension for a private villa

Frederiksberg, Denmark


Project phases:
Concept design – planning permission


The project took its starting point in the layout of the existing house, the desire for more light and more usable space. The idea was to transform the basement into a more functional parterre and we therefore suggested to open up the basement facade to create a passage to the garden, and draw natural light into the interior of the basement. The intention was to raise the value of the entire house as half of the basement would become functional. The first phase consisted of the excavation of the garden so the basement could be opened with a large window in the facade and thus be used as inhabitable space. Aesthetically a new lowered garden terrace was woven into the house through a series of terraces, flower beds and an integrated staircase. This established an access from the living room to the basement inside the house while the new connection in the garden is designed as an integral part of the garden and the house. The use of the original building materials combined with the stepping functions of the garden creates an elegant integration of the two into a full project that meets the functional and aesthetic requirements. The organic shapes are built with in-situ concrete, controlled by CNC fabricated wood formwork which allows for maximum control of the curvatures during the installation and the on-site casting process.