Mahler Residence, Risskov (DK)

180m2 private residence

Jacob Mahler, Anne Harmsen

Risskov, Århus, Denmark.


Project phases:
Planning permission

3.000.000 kr


Villa Mahler/ Harmsen is located on a very small but unique plot of land in Risskov, Denmark. The north facing edge of the plot is a small creek the leads directly to the bay only a few hundred meters towards south/ east. The volume therefore had to mediate between the proximity to the creek and the desire to reach up and catch the view of the bay. Architecturally this was solved via a simple con­cept consisting of a series of angled vertical slabs that on one side stretch upwards and towards the opposite side spread out towards the garden and the atmosphere along the creek. This arrangement further organises the house into distinct functional segments, where the private rooms are all located at the corners of the house and always draw natural light from two sides while the central, common ar­eas all have light from four directions. The materiality of the house was a central design feature which emphasises the high material quality that has been used throughout. Raw concrete walls create an elegant contrast to the soft wooden surfaces both on the interior and the exterior to create a warm atmosphere.