Highrise Hotel, Restaurant and Retail, Brande (DK)

15.000m2 office, hotel, restaurant and retail

100 m


Brande, Denmark.


Project phases:
Concept design

Rambøll Ingeneers

The basic parameter of the high-rise construction, the height, is not only defined by the factual height, but the proportions. A smaller house will seem higher if the right form and the right proportions are put into play – and at any time thus appear more elegant and light. In order to achieve an elegant ratio between height and footprint, this entails breaking up the volume, the lower it gets.
The highest version of the design at 150m appears as a single slim volume due to its angle towards the motor road appearing even slimmer. The building is designed with a centrally lying nucleus that also shares the house’s features and outdoor areas. The building meets the ground in a geometry which is flipped relative to its end and therefore opens the possibility of an atrium which extends over several floors. In order to conceptualize and visualize the impact of a high-rise building in the business district near the small town of Brande, Denmark, the idea was to develop the architectural approach to the task in 3 scales, in turn giving the client a tool to assess the volumes relative to the height and the spaces they would create.