Bestseller ONLY, Brande (DK)

500m2 office, reception og showroom


Brande, Danmark.


Project phases:
Concept design

Planning permission

Rambøll Ingeneers

The design for the office building of the Bestseller Group in Brande, Denmark, was commissioned after the gradual expansion of their staff, which had required to take the open courtyard in use as a reception, showroom and office space. We proposed to include the courtyard as an interior atrium by adding a light and elegant glass roof designed as a shell structure consisting of steel beams of varying widths.

This concept enables a conservation of the open, airy space of the courtyard, while respect for the existing materiality ensures a cohesive overall impression of the building. The addition of a circular floor slab with a central spiral staircase optimizes the circulation opportunities enabling each employee to more efficiently travel across the building.

At the same time the corners were kept open in order to preserve the natural light intake. The client thus achieves a functional, elegant and representative space that can be used at official events.