Cocoon Kiosks, Chicago(US)

6 compact, flexible kiosks

Millenium Park, Chicago


Project phases:
Concept design

Sam Mcheileh

Temporary Site
The initial temporary site placement for the kiosk is envisioned as Millennium Park. In this context, the kiosk would serve well as either a node within the precinct to improve pedestrian mobility through certain areas or as a secondary facility to the already existing park sculptures.

Future Beach Site
In both cases, the kiosk is designed for mobility in mind. The platform design reinforces the kiosk as a stand-alone element in the urban landscape and strengthens its purpose as an alluring and seductive object.

Adaptable Use
The oval shaped interior with central structural column allows maximum flexibility for a variety of uses from retail and food to performance venue. Internal shelving and counters can be removed and re-installed as needed.

Structure and Skin
The primary structure is modular and able to be assembled and disassembled easily. The central column provides structural integrity and a point of connection. This system allows segments of the overall form to be temporarily shifted to provide openings and seating that are all derived from one single element.

It is envisioned that a compelling program for the kiosk whilst in Millennium Park would be a performance stage. The alluring nature of the design draws people in and more importantly, becomes a place suitable for celebration. Millennium Park currently lacks a venue that is capable of providing a setting for small scale performances. Through the provision of the kiosk as a stage, a finer grain of interaction can occur and spur similar events throughout the park.